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Why I.M. Strong you might ask?  I have named our video business after my Mom.

Her name was Iris Marguerite Strong.

(I.M. Strong).  Her battle with colon cancer 13 years ago was a testimony to us all about courage and strength.  


Her love for photography and painting have inspired me to be creative.  I love capturing and creating lifelong memories on film for people to cherish for the rest of their lives.


I love sitting down with my 104 year old Grandma.  I love hearing her stories of the past.  About her life with my Grandpa, the joys, the struggles. What their wedding day must have been like? Celebrating milestone events in their lives?   If we could only look back on these events and see them on film..... what a treasure they would add to her stories.  


I have been married for 25 years to my husband Jerry and we have two beautiful daughters, Addie and Bailey.  We are active in sports, church, music, and enjoy being wine club members at Willamette Valley Vineyards.  


I absolutely enjoy interacting with other families to create lifelong memories.  


 - Kerry




I'm Bailey!  I've been filming weddings with my mom and cousin for almost three years, and it's become the highlight of my summers. I enjoy getting to know new couples, and learning all about them on their special day.

I am a freshman at OSU studying Choral Music Education, and my hope is to someday teach school choirs.  I've always been encouraged to pursue my creativity through singing and music, and now video as well.

I have been surrounded by strong women my entire life.  Whether it is my mother, my aunts, my cousins, my grandmas, or even my little sister, I am always supported to be myself, and to carry out my family's tradition of strength and brilliance. 

I love to create new memories for couples so they can cherish them for forever.


Hello!  I'm Shauna.  When my Aunt asked me to join the video team I was ecstatic.  I enjoy working with her and my cousin, Bailey, at beautiful venues with wonderful couples. 

When I'm not working weddings I'm a marketing/communication specialist for Eternal Perspective Ministries and a youth group leader at Cornerstone Church in Gresham.  

I got married to my wonderful husband, Ryan, this last October.  Being recently married has given me an unique angle on how to give couples the best footage they would want to see on their special day.  



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